Pictures of racks etc. I built

1. Rack Front
Front of two APC NetShelter 42U racks in the server room: SUN E420R on top left, four Compaq Proliant DL380s, four Compaq Proliant ML350s, four generic PC servers, two APC Smart 3000 UPS's, two Compaq flat screens, two Compaq keyboard and mouse trays, a Compaq 8 port KVM, and a Raritan 16 port KVM (also connected to three more generic PC servers in rear of racks.)

2. Rack Rear
Rear of racks from shot 1 above: Both power and CAT5e route out the top and across the ceiling - avoiding a lot of mess. The other end of the two 24 port punchdown panels can be seem in shot 3 below and as such act as shunts or extentions of the main patch panel. Seen here is the back of the SUN box and some of the Compaqs.

3. Patch Rack
Left side all voice. Right rack data: Cisco 1720 running point-to-point T1 WIC, NAT, and an IOS firewall with it's dial-up modem next to it; under the Cisco are the 24 port hops to the back of the server racks referenced in #2; the four Nortel Baystack 450N 100MB 24 port switches linked with redundant backbone (the top cascade module was backordered at the time of this shot and that's what those blue cross-over cables are about); then punchdowns to station jacks on the floor.

4. Cabinet
Mostly showing the backup tapes for rotation and some manuals.

5. Cube
M.I.S. cube. To cold to stay in the server room (see #6.) All lights-out and remote admin done from ThinkPad 600e. Most non-server hardware configuration and all desktop and laptop HD cloneing done here.

6. AC
Dedicated windowsless AC unit for server room - has own remote control! (A little cold on the back of the neck.)

That's it...