July 16, 1997

Digital Manifestations Of Digital Creation:
pyscho-babble slandered by techo-newspeak.

A shout above the clamer of the web, zines and complex-multipersonality like machine-codependences are a zest for a utopia; here lies a space for shared consciousnesses of humanity. A crosssection limited by, among other things, technology and its youth; nonetheless with potential exponential to that of meat.

"That's one reason the nation-states collapsed as soon as the media grid was up and running, financial transactions could no longer be monitored by the government, and the tax collection systems got fubared."-The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

This is evidenced now with the legal brouhaha surrounding encryption export from the U.S., (also in outsourcing technical assistance to other countries, use of prison-labor for data processing, and in web-pornography to easily circumventing traditional boarders.) As Marx tells us, even though a successful Capitalist may be in nirvana, it is at the exploitation of another. One reason China can't go to capitalist-democracy is the subtle balance between the vastness of it's population and their semi-pre-industrial status. The costs in pollution probably far outweigh any human rights abuses, at lease viewed culturally, one cannot easily judge nonrelative stuff without comparisons of the superiority of the wholes.