Microsoft Operations Management (MOM)


(Really bad) Jokes

Q: What do you get when you combine an Event Comb on steroids and OutLook 2003?

Q: How is MOM like the two worst things on the Internet? (This one is a bit of a stretch.)
A: Spam and general mal-ware are the scum of the net, MOM marries .vbs, who's number one use is for script-kiddies coding viruses, and the ability to spam the console, and optionally your email, with unwanted and useless noise. Instead of UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email), it's UOPA (Unsolicited Operational Awareness Alerts.)

Q: What's the next version of MOM going to be called? (First was Mission Critical Software, then AppManager, then MOM 2000, then MOM 2005.)
A (updated): SCUM


All my MOM VBS specific and related stuff, follow this link


Awesome links

Unlocking the Mystery of WMI Events in MOM: Nice, but I have so far been unable to get this stuff to work. Kind of a sign of some of the lameness of MOM - that you need to have MOM look in on itself from the outside in order to get some data that's already there but locked into the proprietary code.

Four part article on MOM scripting (Link in the All my MOM VBS spec... link above too.)

* Security MP
* Mass MOM rule Editor
* Bulk export / import MOM management packs
* Testing and developing MOM scripts outside MOM
* Automatically Refreshing the Perf View in the MOM console
Page two
* WMI to trigger email, if the MOM ticket owner is changed



Heartbeat detection in MOM 2005 (from Steve Rachui's SMS/MOM Manageability blog)
Actionable content on this otherwise proprietary poorly documented complied internal functionality

Agent heartbeating (March 05 2:15 PM (or 2:28 PM?))



MOM 2005 SP1 Product Documentation (These guides are available in nice Word docs too, elsewhere.)

Not sure how to link directly to specific pages, but here are locations of pages of interest via the TOC:


More Links

Working with SNMP and MOM (from Steve Rachui's SMS/MOM Manageability blog): Sending / Receiving SNMP Traps

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MOM 2005 agent logs an "existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" event -



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