Some local graffiti. Why I'm taking time to (photo and) post these?; an East Coast thing?

: (full size)

Also across from Burlingame Plaza, near VIP Taxi etc., June 2014: (full size)

San Francisco, TechShop on Howard? Early 2014: (full size)

Forgot where I saw this one... Early 2014: (full size)

At Millbrae Caltrain waste area with a XMas tree 20 JAN 2014: (full size)

At Millbrae Caltrain 11 DEC 2013: (full size)

By Sushi waste near Millbrae Caltrain 17 DEC 2013: (full size)

In front of VIP Taxi, xx DEC 2013:

Glommed off 'net, magazine ad?, date UNK:

Glommed off 'net, maybe up in SF?, date UNK: