Twitter Avatars!

This is obviously a very limited collection with no real common thread.

@boxer_droppaaa is a classic because to me it represents all the many many avatars people take of themselves in the bathroom mirror. I can be fun to look around and see what all is on the counters and floor behind them and whatnot.


RT @Sexxylin RT @brookandthecity So, I see bathroom models still
want to continue to take pictures of themselves in front of a dirty mirror.(


Phat avatar @uki_7!

@bayareasurf surfing re-tweet bot.

A bold and so far unchanging and truthful avatar from @kingxen.

I like @unDAIREable's graphic here.

I like @leprincerebelle's face here - makes me laugh.

Another cool @apelad avatar.

@DelusionalGirl doesn't need you to read btwn the lines.

Love this one from @PostModSleaze.

@TrustIs007 is a model I think.

Check out the self promotion from @ms34d_25_48! Numbers too in case the pix isn't telling enough.

Awesome graphic @MandiiB!

Gross, but facinating and can't take your eyes off it at the same time. @haiku_soup.

Like the perspective of this (self portrate? @Mookiema) shot.

@Sexxylin's avatar didn't fit on the iPhone Twitterific screen right! Wide range of tweets, mostly interesting.


@snizz - say no more, right? But she's a real person. Funny, and nicely terse and well spaced out tweets.

@apelad is a catoonist and illustrator. This is part of a series where all his avatars fit in the shape of the default Twitter bearded dude avatar.