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Three day cleanse - Mar 2008

Ten day cleanse - Mar 2008

Thirteen day cleanse - Late 2008

June 2010 cleanse (seperate page)


The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs
ISBN: 0963926209

Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days by Peter Glickman
ISBN: 0975572229

Some earls:


So this log encompass two cleanses that Kimlou and I did. The first was a three day “trial” 17 to 19 Mar 2008, then a full blown ten day cleanse from 28 Mar to 6 Apr 2008. The first mini-three-day one details a lot of the spiritual/intelectual/emotional stuff which is then not really repeated in the notes for the full ten day one.


Master Cleanse Mental Prep

We’ve been planning this now for a while. Kimlou really wanted to start on a weekend - due to the flush and whatnot. First we couldn’t do it because of Rusty coming. Then because of Bubbie coming. We decided to squeeze in a three day mini-Master Cleanse “trial” between visits. Rusty ended up leaving on Thurs, but Kimlou didn’t want to extend it out for six days as she didn’t want to carry the stuff to the city for her real estate class. Mostly this is all about planning it out and getting in the right mental state for the thing.

Got the books, The Master Cleanse, and Ten Days to a Happier…, did a whole bunch of reading on-line and talked to people a little too. (As of Day One haven’t finished reading either book yet.)

Videos on the are okay and slightly humorous too.




Day Zero

A little late night math to try to make a gallon at a time of this stuff! I was a little paranoid about running out during the day.

We have too many plastic containers.

Decided to NOT do the salt water wash in the morning as I don’t have time - will do this in the early evening instead and hopefully it’ll work the same.

Evening Senna tea.

Master Cleanse Day One


Too much Cayenne!

This one gal container thing is awful - it drips when it pours, and spills without the spout on. I’m gonna need something much better.

A little more water mixed in reduced the strong Cayenne effect.

There is food everywhere I look - my bananas smell good!

Mushy stool.

Finished my second cup (11:30 AM) and felling okay. Miss chewing a little.

Little chilly after “lunch” (third cup, 12:30 PM), wearing my vest. Lips burning.

Working on the forth cup now at 2 PM: mild feelings of disorientation, old caffeine buzz, or the very tail end of a hang-over; overall good though.

Fifth cup just prior to leaving work, before 5 PM.

Caught a Bob Marley tune on my iPod on my walk from the train to Yoga and felt like a mellow high kind of feeling.


Noticed less creakiness in my leg joints today.

Sixth, but just a half, cup at home after Yoga.

Half (2 cups with one teaspoon sea salt) portion of salt wash - NASTY. Stomach gurgling.

Evening Senna tea.

Kimlou had some bread and didn’t drink enough Juice during the day.

Master Cleanse Day Two

Slept well, only up once to pee - 6 hours.

Ran to train w/ yoga backpack and gal of juice.

Morning Senna tea.

Still no results from the salt wash last night nor the tea last night or this morning - should be here soon…

10 AM - Breakfast juice.

Lunch juice.

Snack juice.

Chilly again at work.

A fly found my juice at me desk, so it must be sweet or good - the first fly I ever saw in here.

Once my sphincter made up its mind we needed to release as we were going to Yoga (two late afternoon phone calls with Kimlou about the living room etc.) I dropped a slightly odd looking stool. Still no evidence of anything from the Senna tea of the Salt Wash. The Salt Wash was pretty bad, I don’t think I want to do that again. I was getting foggy, like maybe low-grade autointoxication combine with de-toxification symptoms, but felt much better after my BM.


CRAMPS. Some hand cramps during the day, some calf cramps during Yoga (not totally unusual), some quad cramps during Yoga (UN-usual) and some hip and leg cramps at bedtime. Usually I associate cramps with de-hydration, or low potassium, from not eating enough bananas, so I don’t know what this means.

Dinner juice.

Don’t really know how much I drank - maybe a gallon (or less) the whole day.

Late evening prep of day three’s juice, with fresh but not organic lemons (two for $1.25.)

Medium HUNGER pangs during the day, overall went well.

Kimlou drank more today, as she made much better Juice with less Cayenne, but ate some canned chicken.

Master Cleanse Day Three

Slept well, though I went to bed too late; I started to awake early, but then over-snoozed and ended up running too late to shave, decided not to pack my Yoga gear, and RAN for the train. Just missed it, walked back and took the car. Sweaty.

Two smaller cups of juice for breakfast (switched from my insulated tea cup to my smaller coffee strainer cup.)

Felling pretty good.

Two more cups for lunch.

Beautiful outside! Little lightheaded while indoors still, food smells and visuals seem more intense than usual. Cigarette smoke (yesterday x2) more intense and noxious than usual too.

Feeling weak - must - have - more - Lemonade.

Few more glasses in the evening; arranged furniture in the living room with Kimlou.

Some irritability today and yesterday. Evenings are difficult as I think I’m short on sleep.

No stool today.

Tried to figure out what my cravings are: Chow Fun. Omelet. Wine. Nothing really that powerful though - just want to fill my belly.

Master Cleanse Break Day One

Bad headache this morning. Woke up early so as to get in the 4:30 PM silent Yoga and for Kimlou to also be able to attend a 7 PM daughter raising class. No stool yesterday - and I was reading more last night from the Ten Days book and the tea and especially the salt water wash are critical to eliminate all the toxins loosened in the gut so as to quickly get them out to reduce re-absorption and auto-intoxication effects. Gonna have to figure out the wash for the ten day go at this.

Ate half a ripe banana - very nice.

Note: Haven’t had to use a toothpick the last three days! Stuff's always getting stuck in my implant.

So far two cups of tea, the full banana (started above) a lemonade this morning in the house, and one here at work, a slice of pear, a carrot, and a few oz of OJ. The slice of pear: I could feel the sugar radiating out - then the mild allergy came, not annoying or painful, but more distinct and intense than I recall. Now the OJ I just got, 16 oz of fresh squeezed, was awesome, like the nectar of the G*ds!

Mango was awesome too.

Not feeling quite right though, don’t know if it’s as I’ve dropped no stool in almost two days, or if it’s from eating.

Master Cleanse Break Day Two

Finally dropped my stool, actually I was disappointed as it seemed too small.

Lunch was TOO BIG today (though it was not big by pre-MC standards and there were no non-meat items on the menu (we went out for a lunch meeting)) and afterwards I felt all full and sluggish. I guess it’s due to the increased digestion load.

The question is:

Is it better to eat and enjoy food on a social, ritual, habitual level


To be / express / live in / feel / experience, purity, clarity, experience, lightness, awareness, acute smell, etc..

Master Cleanse days later

One thing that throws this question (above) off from being rather straightforward is that it's hard to have an awareness of what your missing or not experiencing. Either you never know it, or it's just a memory - hard to open up to and strive for and create massive change for something distant and unknown. My current state, days later, seems rather normal; but now I know it's like I'm under a veil, a shadow, bloated, in pain, lethargic, stiff, removed.

Looking at doing this for the true ten days starting Friday this week. Now we know how much Cayenne to use, to use fresh lemons, how to make it ahead of time, etc.. One huge challenge again will be to get Kimlou to actually do it and not "cheat."

Another interesting thing is tooth brushing (I may have written about this already.) Tooth brushing felt like a nice to have but not required while on the cleanse, but now back to eating again, I really feel the need to brush, and use mouthwash and breath mints and the like.

So this log encompass two cleanses that Kimlou and I did. The first was a three day “trial” 17 to 19 Mar 2008, then a full blown ten day cleanse from 28 Mar to 6 Apr 2008. The first mini-three-day one details a lot of the spiritual/intelectual/emotional stuff which is then not really repeated in the notes for the full ten day one.

MC 1 of 10? !:-)

MC 2 of 10? !:-(

MC 4 of 10

So we're on the cleanse. <snip>, Nastasja is all spazy working on easy homework and complaining about it. Kimlou is way down. Says she's feeling weak. <snip> Turns out she only had a cup of coffee today!

BURNING – MC 5 of 10

Some burning sensation on my ass with the stool I dropped at work - seemed like it was the lemon, but per the book it was toxins!

Cramps. Not terrible, but more noticeable than when off the juice fast. Hands and calves.

Had two BMs today! One at home, after the Senna the night before, then a late morning one at work too.

Less noticing of increased clarity on this the second time around.

Today I'm feeling very good.

Noticed yesterday I was able to squat under my desk again (haven't been able to do that for like 7 years) to plug/un-plug an electrical cord.

Hungry, though in an odd way, not like ravenous and will consume mass quantities, but more EMPTY and MISS EATING FOOD.

Yoga was awesome!

So day five of this cleanse is just now surpassing day three of the last one - and we're only half way done!

MC 6 of 10

Cravings: (more mild and just notable then go out and get it)


Didn't do the Senna tea last night 'cause my stomach was upside-down from drinking a lot of water at Yoga and doing Yoga - now, today, I feel like I've a load on which I need to eliminate...

Kimlou Very Negative and down and in a mood that I'd rather avoid being around.

MC 7 of 10

Hand, especially my right, keeps cramping up. Good day today. Talked about the MC at work today. Went in early. Weak in the afternoon. Did some errands: POB, KP for anti-allergy med, Any Mountain where a got a very nice ski/snowboard style winter coat, picked up lunch for CMT at Max's. Chocolate cake looked good! Had the pre-RSA meeting today - sat in front of but did not eat any M&Ms. THREE VERY SMALL BMs TODAY - ANOTHER ON THE WAY. Skipped Yoga today. Kimlou did the silent at 4:30; instead I took NJS to softball practice.

Food Desires:

MC day Eight!

The food I want to eat that I saw today: Sushi!

I food I thought I smelled today that I want to eat: Crab Cakes.

Today Yoga was rough. lemon heart-burn / acid reflux. Dizzy, sat out more poses, but all the ones I did I did very intensely and deep and well - at least on their second sets. Lots of foot cramps today, some more calf too.

MC #9 – teeth

One weird thing I noticed was little bits of stuff coming out of my wisdom teeth sockets. Does this mean my body / immune system is finishing the healing / re-building process, replacing the weak and damaged tissues there, cleaning out the old scar-tissue?

Also I feel like there's suddenly a lot of plack (sp!) behind my two front teeth I feel with my tongue. Accumulated released toxins or just been too long since a tooth cleaning?

MC last day!

Did the Saltwater Flush yesterday and get like four liquid BMs out of it, felt nice and clean and empty! I think the salt or the minerals and trace elements from the Sea Salt eliminated the cramps I was having! Maybe those salts were the part of the cleanse/diet I was missing and what was creating the weakness I experienced in Yoga etc.. Glad it's almost over though, gonna be nice to eat. Now I really know I can go with an empty stomach - I can abstain from treats and temptations, I can enjoy veggies.

Kimlou was very happy this morning. Nastasja was asking for stories about how we met and stuff, which led to telling about proposal and wedding(s). HER ENGAGEMENT RING FIT AGAIN!

Did the flush this morning with no results yet...

Another amazing thing is the reduction in appetite I have experienced over the last ten days. Day one I had like a gallon of Lemonade, today, the first I thought about it was 2PM, and I have two 10oz glasses and am still fine two hours later. Amazing!

Kimlou just came back from shopping and got 6 or 7 dollar organic(?) fresh squeezed non-pasteurized OJ from Trader Joes. A bunch of their soups too. So the next two days will still be lemonade and slowly easing out the Cleanse with juice and veggie broth style soups.

Feeling good now. Shit Shave Shower. Feel like I absorbed too much of the Salt Water Flush today. Yesterday I made it like three teaspoons to the two quarts and made it hotter, today I did the recipe’s two teaspoons and maybe didn't get it to melt as well. Anyway after a Salt Water Flush, haircut, shave, skin brush, and long hot shower I feel good.

Breaking The Fast Day One

Today did the morning with the same Lemonade as the last ten days. At lunch time I started on orange juice – YUMM. Ate some Edamame Beans. Later had some veggie soup. Feel very content. Feel like eating, but realize it’s only for the sake of wanting to eat, not due to hunger or anything.

Think I lost 10 to 15 or more pounds. Feel real good about my body’s changes, want to lose more and get more toned and not be heavy again either. Like the Yoga very much, but don’t think it provides enough cardio – need to start biking. Also need to set up my static exercise thing so I can do pushups and whatnot too.

Kimlou is very happy! She’d been losing weight already, via Pu-er tea and other means, and now her clothes are loose and last night when we went out she was able to wear a dress she wore to her Brother’s wedding back in 2001!

Want to keep eating light, kind of don’t want to eat meat – but know I will ‘cause it tastes good.


Day Three after the Fast

It's like my boss Linda said, you have to get the factory running again. So after the fast you have to get the GI working again. No bowel movement on day one of breaking the fast. Nothing through dinner time. Tried a few times during the day too. Starting to get a headacke around my eye sockets. Had a cup of Senna tea. Tried again before bed and had a sm BM. Then a med BM in the day three AM. Then a large BM before lunch. Then another before Yoga! Amazing, three in one day! Now, granted I has the tea the night before, but still that in itself is a huge change.

Another amazing thing: This big, raised, ugly, vericos vein on my left ankle, which has remained unchanged for like five years - now after the ten day cleanse is suddeny much smaller, like half size!

Re-reading this log, I have a lot of Yoga notes, so I'm kind of gauging my performnace via Yoga. Today was a wonderful Yoga. Not the deepest poses, but:

Day two of breaking the fast I ate lots of fruit, had tea and water and juices, soup for lunch, at dinner Kimlou made Chilli (some ground Turkey) and eggs. I had two pieces of bread and some cheese too.

Day three of breaking the fast I ate normally again. Dry Fiber One ceral with trail mix and Walnuts and hot tea. For lunch a small salid and a cooked vegy wrap for good sauses. Lots of water after Yoga. Chicken soup with rice and a bun and a cookie for dinner.

Thirteen day cleanse

This one had great results!

Got down to 207 pounds and like a 29 BFI!

Back below the 38" and 36" pant waist sizes!

Basically I just went until my tongue was almost pink again - it would have taken more time to be fully pink, but something came up.

On this cleanse the process based realizations weren't as intense. That is not as many spiritual insights, not as many realizations of changes - but the results just as awesome. The whole process was more routine, the diet didn't interfere with my life and work and daily activities, and was actually transparent to others mostly. One notable thing was serious increased depth in many of the Yoga poses.


This cleansing fast works.

It is a cleaning fast with a potential side effect of wieght lose. (One comment somewhere was changing the amount of maple syrup slightly up or down could be used to increase or decress weight, respectively.)

After this cleanse I feel more drawn to vegitables and fruits and less to meats.

I feel like I am eating less, quanity-wise. Not so likely to stuff myself, taking slightly smaller portions, not taking thirds, (or seconds,) not useing the feeling of a full stomic to create happiness. I'm able to pass up dessert even more easily; not as drawn to treats and snacks.

Prior to this cleanse I was already off caffeen and almost off dairy; now I'm the same with caffeen, and doing even less dairy. I find myself looking at ingrediences more to avoid proceded foods too.