Index name for collection: Tree #15

Tree Species: Apple (Common or wild) - Malus sylvestris (more on species)

Style: Informal Upright


  • 2021: rooted one of three runners as ground-layer, zero of three endured tho. Will let stablize longer next summer.

  • Shown SBBK June 2019 show

  • Repotted summer 2018 - white rectangular pot

  • Repotted summer 2016 - same blue pot

  • Obtained SBBK auction table 25 MAR 2015

  • Styling: Kind of a pear-shared apple tree! One side dead. Great bark!

    Plan: Keep it alive! (Don't let moss rot base of trunk.) Maybe carve some more deadwood - especially as one side is already dead.
    Needs a tray kind of pot shallow (~1.5 inch inside depth), oval, glazed a quiet color.

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    2019-06-01, In SBBK June 2019 Show! With old man beard moss, kitchy small rubber owl, spider webs, centipedes?:

    2019-06-01, see the rectangular white pot, small, far, top left in pix; the Apple amoung the show:

    2018-09-28 Tight on the kitch. HiRes:

    Repotted; same pot.


    Some styling.


    Dec 2015:
    Some carving on the dead side over the past few month. Added some moss high up the trunk, and old man beard moss onto some branches!

    August 4, 2015 SBBK first Tues workshop:

    May 15, 2015: Starting the long top to wire down and drill through to make a new number one branch where the current trunk crevice is!

    Many more buds have appeared and opened!
    After some trimming and wiring and rock hanging and carving:
    Photo 2015-05-02


    Both sides of tree on 2015-03-26:



    Obtained SBBK auction table 25 MAR 2015. Kind of a pear-shared apple tree! Looks like one side may be dead; removed tons of cut paste, relocated some trunk moss (rotting out the base at ground layer making the slight pear shape), and removed a few clearly dead small branches. Great bark! A few buds still to open. Did some carving of straight branch cuts (to make them look more like a break a while ago, removing tool use evidence); wired a few branches; tweaked hold-down wire.

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    This section NOT of trees I own!

    Two pix (to help show it's not photoshopped) of a full size fruit on a bonsai. I love the 'James and the giant peach' feel!

    fullsize fruit

    This one has full size leaves, and one assumes, full size flowers. As a comparison, the grey pot bonsai is less horticulturally impressive, but a more refined bonsai as the leaves and fruit are more to scale for the big old tree look.

    Bonsai techniques:

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