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Zake's Bonsai Collection by tree
Index / LINKS Species Style State
Tree #15 Apple / Malus sylvestris Informal Upright Bonsai; in 2019 SBBK show
Tree #14 Juniper / Juniperus chinensis Literati Vaugely showable
Tree #1 Juniper Literati Almost showable
Tree #2 Prostrata Juniper or San Jose Juniper Informal Upright Forest on a Slab Bonsai in recovery
Tree #3 Boxwood - Buxus Twin Trunk Training
Tree #5 Pine Literati Training
Tree #6 Japanese Red Maple - Acer palmatum Twin Trunk Informal Upright Training
Tree #8 Monterey Pine / Pinus radiata Informal Upright Training
Tree #11 Boxwood / Buxus Informal Upright Training
Tree #13 Ficus / Ficus benjamina Literati Training; lives indoors sometimes!
Tree #16 Serissa japonica Mame / Broom Training
Tree #17 Elm Informal Upright Training in tericada
Tree #18 Ginko UNK Training
Tree #19 Juniper Literati Training
Tree #9 Black Locust - Robinia pseudoacacia Informal Upright (was pair) potted tree for future lawn
Tree #10 Pine TBD Pre-Bonsai
Tree #21 Common / Latin Style From Alemedia beach, non-draining
Tree #22 Common / Latin Style big sweep movement, electric cut in side, spiky leaves
Tree #24 (Silver Lightning ???) Upright from seed, self sown
Tree #25 Pine Style tall exposed root standing project
Tree #28 California Coast Live Oak Exposed root informal upright In training
Tree #30 'O-Yashima' (double white) flowering Quince / Chaenomeles Japonica ... ...
Tree #31 Kuro Koji (deep blood red) flowering Quince / Chaenomeles Japonica ... ...
Tree #32 Chojubai (Salmon Sport) dwarf flowering Quince / Chaenomeles Japonica Style State
Tree #34 Common / Latin Style plastic pot
Tree #26 Pine / Latin Style NOT SURE
Tree #27 Pine / Latin Style NOT SURE
Tree #33 TBD ... NOT SURE (plasic, same as #16??)
Moss Moss Optional ground dressing in any style... Various
Accent Plants Accent Plants Complementary plants and other things for display... Various
Pots and stands Pots Pots and stands Various
kitch figurines and misc none okay
. . . .
Tree template Common / Latin Style State
Tree #23 Common / Latin Style Passed 2019/2020; was in plastic needing drain holes.
Tree #20 Hillier Chinesse Elm Good looking little tree w/ lots of buds Passed June 2019
Tree #29 Obtusa "Nana gracilis" dwarf Hinoki Cypress / Chamecyparis Bushy and full; purple sheen Passed July 2019
Tree #12 Maple - Acer Literati donated/sold
Tree #4 Coast Redwood - Sequoia sempervirens Formal Upright Passed July 2018
Tree #7 Riber (?) Informal Upright Passed
Cork Oak Cork Oak - Passed 2014
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus - Passed 2012
Kumquat Kumquat - -
WesternRedcedar WesternRedcedar - -

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